Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Evening Blog Post - May

Hi all!

It's come again, that chance to share your best. Have you checked out Elizabeth Ester's Saturday Evening Blog Post opportunity yet?

Hop on over to see what post I shared from this month.

It's raining here today, and that's a relief. After a couple days of labor around the yard (think 1 1/2 cubic yards - or  a whole pickup load - of wood chips distributed by me, myself and I), I'm ready to catch up in the house. I am Blog Book designing this morning and hope to catch up on laundry and housework later. I've found that I can't keep both the outside and the inside looking great all at once. When one is under the control, the other suffers. It's either a clean, weed free garden or a clean house. So, as I sit in a cluttered office, I look out the window toward my newly mulched garden.

Order is there. I turn my eyes to beauty.