Friday, July 23, 2010

Hair, Platinum and Otherwise

I got a haircut. Didya notice? OK, so it was only three inches, and it's not like I got a buzz or even a real bob, but my hair hasn't been this short since, um, my sister graduated from college. That was five years ago. I think. No wait. That was her high school graduation. Held at a college.

Anyway. My husband didn't even notice. And he tries to tease me when I don't notice details, 'cause he's the high and mighty detail guy. Humph. It figures he would decide to live up to the male reputation of obliviousness at my expense.

This head has seen lotsa styles, just not in a while. What is hasn't seen is lotsa colors. I dabbled in red and blond highlights and lowlights for a while, but this here color? It's all my own. Really. Not bad for my age of 34.6, huh? I'm pleased as punch with my natural color.

Lately, I've been pulling an increasing amount of gray strands from right about the place my mom got her first gray patch, but I'm sticking to my God-given auburn till I'm forced to cover the platinum.

I think that would be about the time that pulling out gray hair takes just as long as coloring it....

Happy Friday! 

Picture courtesy Megan. Who wants to be a photographer, or a pet store owner, or a hairstylist....