Monday, August 30, 2010

Activities in a Bag

Do you ever have moments when you just need a quick activity to keep a small child out of your hair for a bit? Maybe while cooking dinner, or nursing the youngest or home schooling the big kids? Activities in a Bag is a great solution!

I first heard of their bag activities and swaps when a friend hosted a swap. Everyone gathered at her house, got an explanation of how the swap would work, picked a bag to assemble for everyone and then a few weeks later we gathered again and exchanged. We all went home with a box full of bags full of small learning activities to keep little hands busy.

I loved the idea and efficiency of one box full of many individual activities all made from inexpensive supplies and stored in Ziploc bags so much that I wanted to check out some of the new swap books offered. I decided to host a Science Experiments in a Bag swap for my local home school co-op friends. We already meet at a park weekly, so the date was set, all I had to do was email everyone to see who wanted to participate and print out instructions on how to assemble each bag activity.

We met,  each mom picked out an activity to assemble, then we took our instructions home, gathered supplies and assembled bags, one for each of the participants.

Here's an example:

One mom assembled 12 bags of the Anitfreeze experiment pictured below. Each bag contains  two 6oz cups, one T of salt, a plastic spoon, an experiment log, and an answer sheet. This project illustrates how salt makes it harder for water to freeze.

All the bags are easy to put together and the supplies are inexpensive. Each individual bag is designed to cost about $1 to assemble.

We gathered and distributed our bags so all the participants went home with 16 different science experiments in Ziploc bags. (We had 12 participants, but some of us made more than one activity.)

Now there will be no need to run around the house searching for random small objects when it comes time for science experiments. They will all be in one nicely organized tote all ready to go!

Activity Bags offers books of "recipes" for swaps on reading games, travel activities, math games, preschool activities, or you could assemble the bags yourself too! Check out their website for sample pages of each book, for a summary of the experiments, and activities at a glance.

Thanks, Activity Bags, for the free e-book and the opportunity to review your product!

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