Friday, August 20, 2010

Bloggers IRL

Can I just say I love blogging and the community it encourages? Ok, thanks. Carry on.

Just kidding. I have more to say. How surprising.

Carrie and I navigated our way to BlogLove hosted by LoveFeast on a lovely Tuesday evening at a cute little place in Prior Lake. We ate scruptious food, gabbed with lovely women, making new friends and getting reacquainted with others.

The baker, Jen and I talked homeschooling, and I chatted about Aspergers with Susie and healthy living with Kelli. Mela shared her dream of singing and gifted us all with a seriously lovely CD.

Janelle, Johanna, me, Allison, Amanda(photo credit), Maggie(Gussy),  Jen

I joked about flossing my teeth with hair (my own! and NOT in public, of course ~ don't groan or gag! A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do!) with the lovely sewing kindred spirit Gussy and a bit about Dave Ramsey too.

And though I should have explained how I survive living out in the middle of nowhere to Allison, who posed the question, I mostly rambled about shopping and fashion out here where Target is trendy. Gah. I should listen more.

I met Janelle and saw her sewing handiwork on display and in our swag bags, and listened and agreed with Kelli that though life doesn't always turn out the way you plan, God is still faithful. (And she made us fun little totes for all the swag we got! Thanks!!)

 Trish was lovely, as always, and I conquered my shyness of speaking to the media!

 Johanna and I joked about having husbands 5 years older than us. They are 40. Well, her's basically is! Mine certainly is! Gosh, they are SO old! :)

Molly was there, and though I've seen her around a couple blog events before, we'd never had a chance to talk. She's the real deal and I love what she had to say about staying true to yourself when blogging.

Heather and Allison staged a swag fight as the sun faded, and we enjoyed some fun stories about their trip to Blogher. 


There. If you missed it, now you know a bit of the fun I had visiting with all these lovely ladies. For those of you I didn't get a chance to greet: next time!

Thank you Chris Ann and Kristin for your hospitality!

I could so get used to this!

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