Monday, August 23, 2010

I Have No Idea Why I'm Talking About Fashion

My sister yelled at me the other day. (You know. The kind of yelling that's not yelling.)

"You always look so cute and you never spend any money! When I look nice it's 'cause I spent a lot of money!"

And that made me think. Maybe some of you would like to know my tips. Or maybe not. Maybe you are laughing in your seats right now, thinking, "Her, fashionable? You've got to be kidding! Her clothes are from last year's styles."

Well, you'd be right to think that. Go ahead and click away. You know true fashion and you're not afraid to spend the money it takes to get it. I get that.

For the rest of us living from thrift store to garage sale, this is for you!

~How I find deals: I look for them. I paw through all the junk to find the gem. I take the time to visit goodwill, or the consignment store that never has anything nice. That consignment store just may have a pair of Gap jeans or Worn jeans in size 8. Which they did. For $7.00 each.

~Buy cheap classic pieces. Brown A-line, just below the knee, linen skirt: $6.00 - Goodwill. But don't be afraid of the trendy fun pieces! Especially tops.

~Spend on accessories or shoes. The shoes I'm wearing right now cost more than anything else I'm wearing.  They were $20.00.

~Buy what you love. When you take it home, you'll probably have something to go with it. I just bought another skirt at Goodwill that goes perfectly with a top for which I've been needing the perfect match.

~It helps to adore the eclectic look. Mixing and matching is so fun. Right now I have on a short sleeve burgundy knit blazer with exposed seams ($1 or less) and a ruffly embroidered brown scarf ($10, I splurged on a girls day out!). Gap Jeans and the shoes on my header. Yum.

~And I haven't even told you about the abundance of garage sale steals I've found. Long cream frilly sweater for $1.00. A black cardigan for $1.00 which I recently saw Old Navy selling for a lot more.The best sales are usually in new developments, but don't completely avoid the older homes. When I'm out and about and see a sign, I stop if I have time. Then I waste no gas, and avoid the hustle and competitiveness of community sales.

~If all else fails, move to the country. Around here, nobody knows this year's styles from the year before last. Anything from Target is trendy and you can get away with fashion faux pas all year long.

And that would be why I think I know anything about fashion at all!

~My philosophy is this. Cheap clothes are disposable. When I tire of them, or find I really don't have a perfect match, I can gift them to a sister, organize a clothing exchange with friends, have a garage sale or donate them to goodwill. Everyone wins!

And then I can go buy more cheap (but cute) clothes!

Who's talking fashion? Not me! So I'm linking up at Jennifer's today....

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