Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Learning on the Rug

She asks again, and this time I have an idea. I find old towels, cut two inch strips. Most may not choose to teach or begin a new sewer on this machine, but I know she will learn to guide the fabric. Her hand will learn the feel and the tug and the hum. Her fingers will guide.

She works hard and long and we stop once or twice to adjust. I've always been the machine adjuster. The knives dull quick and the motor starts its tired sound, and we take a break. We braid.

And what was old becomes something new in the hands of a skilled worker. A rug is braided and a girl is taught to craft.

I'm glad my girl wants to learn. The passing on of these things seems almost holy. This learning to create. This using our hands.

He created. We create. Because we are made in His image.

And she is being made in mine.

For Tuesdays Unwrapped. Because I like to unwrap. :)

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