Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lessons from the Garden

The beans are picked and tossed in the ice cold sink water. They are warm, in need of refreshment, and a bath. Dirt and garden grime cling to their fuzzy skin, end blossoms and the stuff of the outdoors stuck on the thick green strings. In their growing, they have picked up and carry the the burdens of life, the earth bits.

I dump them in their bath, and swish with my hands, agitating. And I think of how it takes agitation to get them clean. Agitation loosens the clinging ons, the dirt and the stuff that stuck that was no good.

In my growing up, I've got some cling-ons too. Attitudes, habits, ideas from lies I allowed in my heart and mind that stuck there. I never meant them to, but that's the thing about lies. Our enemy is a good liar. His whispers mix truth and deception with expertise.

We recognize the bitty truth and accept the whole thing as right.

False beliefs hindering growth and spiritual fruit will cling stubbornly until we allow the agitation of Truth to rub and push and challenge the earth bits. The hard hearted are softened when Truth washes clean and His shed blood rinses away.

Scripture, the God-breathed Word, Truth Himself, confronts the deception, shines glorious light on a dirty soul. It's not pleasant at first, but the unpleasantness is not His doing, love is. Love that will not allow us to settle for less than best. Not only for His benefit, but for mine.

The earth stuff is comfortable and sometimes we cling to each other, but I want more than just comfort.

I want to be agitated and washed. 

I want to be a usable harvest.

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