Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Little Etsy Store

I bribed you the other day to help me pick out an Etsy name for my new shop I'm opening, and you. all. I had so much fun looking at your ideas! I happened to be at the beach with my kids, my sister, her SIL, and a friend I grew up with, and as the tweets and emails came in to my phone, I would share with them. It was so much fun!

The group favorite that day was my aunt's suggestion: Twin {Bag}uettes. We got quiet the giggle from that one!

Another favorite was {Two}Hand Bags from Hyacynth. (who, by the way, gifted me with a Cherry On Top Award last week. Thank you friend!!)

Other name ideas:

Just a Pair of Old Bags (my Aunt, again!)
The Bag Ladies
Just Bag It!
Double Stitches
Sew Twins
Twice as Nice Sewing Shop
Twin Stitches
Sew Crafty
Bobbin M's
Double Stitch Creations
Twin Threads
In the Bag
It's In the Bag

Twin Stitch
Turn-up Twins
The Final Touch
Final Touches
That's Sew Twin!
The Twin Factor
Twin Trim

Thanks for all your contributions to this process!

As I thought about it, I didn't want to use the word Twin, nor Bag. I might branch out to making things other than bags. You never know. I didn't want to limit myself. I knew it would be difficult to find something new and unique, but you helped me get my brain in gear.

I started thinking about my merging my sister's and my names. You know. Like Bragelina. Or whatever it was. I originally thought that idea was really dorky, but I googled a few combos just to see if anything already existed with those names. And if they were taken on Etsy.

Sarina: taken
Krisara: taken

and then I googled  


Can you believe it means "Seamstress" in Italian! Crazy!

I checked Etsy, and though there is no shop by that name, there was a user. But she had only purchased 9 things, and the last time was in 2008. Things were looking up!

I played around some more.

{2}Sartina : Nah.
Sartine (the plural) Nope, sounds like Sardine!
{Two}Sartina : Not my favorite
{Sew}Sartina: getting better, but for some reason I just am not sure about it.


That's it! And I love it. And my mom loves it. And my husband loves it. And Niki loves it. So if you don't love it, that's OK. It's enough that they do! :)

I should really wait until my shop is open to share it with you, but I can't help myself. I never was patient. Nor picky about others seeing things less than perfect or unfinished. Sooooo.


I have a banner, but alas, no bags!

You can follow {So}Sartina on Etsy and Twitter and keep apprised on when my store will officially open!

I've sewn 6 bags, and so far, my girls have claimed two, one is mine, and one is a gift for my sister. I'd better stop giving them away if I plan to have this project up and running anytime soon!

Thanks again, everyone, for your ideas!

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