Monday, August 9, 2010

No Novocain? No cavity!

I haven't done a Not Me post in a while, and thought it might be time for a bit of silliness. I'm not always reflective and spiritual you know! :) (Ok, you really didn't have to agree with me so quickly!)

So humor me, please....

I have always taken pride in a cavity free mouth. Every time I visit the dentist, they comment on my beautiful mouth of teeth. (Thanks for the braces, mom and dad!) I brushed and flossed regularly as a kid and my worst nightmares included my teeth falling out. Well, there was that one time I had a tiny cavity. But it doesn't count. It was so small I didn't even need Novocaine when it was filled.

See? Nice teeth.  But not nice double chin...
And, yes, I laugh a lot.

Given my pride in this area there is no way I am going to admit that I had 4 cavities filled this week. Not me! I spent $700.00 to get sealants repaired, not to get cavities filled. My mouth has a reputation to uphold, you know.

I did not go so far as to convince the dentist to agree with my definition of "cavity " just to make myself feel better. I needed no Novocaine, so there is not a chance I'm calling them cavities! Not ME! And not him, either!

So if you could just keep this quiet for me, I would appreciate it, and so would my mouth. It has a reputation to uphold, you know.

Alright, back to regular programming. Thank you very much. If you want to read other Not Me nonsense, head over to Jennifer's place.  It's a great place for some laughs on a Monday morning!