Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Saturday Evening Blog Post


Yesterday I drove to my Aunt's house and together we paid a visit to her storage unit. She wanted to know if I could use anything as she was cleaning it out.


I filled my van.

Seriously. What was I thinking?

Oh. Maybe...

I might start sewing again. Megan is gonna learn soon and then Madison, and I need to have lots of fabric on hand for random projects. That case of bud vases? Well I could sell them at a garage sale. Or decorate my corn crib. Or something. And all the old costumes from her singing telegram business? The kids love playing dress up and I think another bin would fit in the basement. Maybe Robb won't mind too much. Especially if I make a few bucks selling the brand new Easter baskets. Or not. This green piece of artificial turf will work great in front of the camper and then all the grass won't get tracked in. That's super! And all that fur? Maybe my church can use it for Christmas programs or something. Or I could sell it on Ebay, I suppose. Yes, that's it. Or I could sew stuffed animals and sell those! In all your extra time, Kristina? Yeah right.

Well anyway. My thoughts were completely different when I got home. I realized my project closet was in complete disarray and needed some serious discipline.

It rained this morning....

So, I've spent the greater portion of this fine day taming the wild beast of my office and sorting through fabric and Mary Kay and throwing 5 bags of junk away. What was it all doing in there? I don't know, but it's gone now! Yippee! Maybe the vacuum will once again fit! That would be superb!

You know what else is superb? Today is The Saturday Evening Blog Post. So I'm gonna link my most popular post of the month up to Elizabeth Ester's site. The message in that post seems to speak to people. I guess I'm not the only one who struggles with worry...

My personal favorite post of the month? I'm not sure. I loved guest posting for Emily @ Chatting at the Sky, and I like my imperfect prose A Warm Healing. And then I got lots of comments on my post about Robb's and my trip to Duluth and my tips on how dating regularly is key to having a romantic getaway....So I guess I am proving to you how indecisive I am and how good it is that I married a type A kinda guy. He's good at making decisions for me....

More thoughtful writings coming soon. But not too soon. Happy Weekend!

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