Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lingering and Creating

Yesterday I lingered and labored over my sewing machine. It's been out of my life for three months, and I wasn't happy about it. Funny, I had no waiting projects until my machine broke. Then I had a myriad of things that needed stitching.

For one day, I too lingered and savored the last bit of summer free time, ignoring the curriculum I need to order,  the apples that need to be canned and the garage sale junk that needs to be put in the barn. I made something for me.

I've always loved making things. The quiet of my own thoughts as I work. The rewarded feeling when a project is complete. And the compliments when a creation is noticed.

I ordered a netbook last week. It can't come soon enough! And of course, my netbook needs a bag. All it's own. And no ordinary neoprene bag would do. So I made one.

Sometimes the most refreshing thing is taking the time to create.

For Tuesdays Unwrapped in answer to the question "What are you lingering over?"

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