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This is going to be quick as I just spent two hours with 15 children and now just want to go to bed! *Chuckle* No, we actually had a great time while their parents took the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class, but I still want to go to bed! Busy days have turned into busy weeks, and you can tell by my lack of presence here. I miss you though. And I miss the summer schedule that allowed for reflection on lazy mornings.

This happens to be the last weekend of the month, and in the past we have shared answers to prayer. Would you consider this week what you could share here? I'd love to hear what God is doing in your lives, or even what you have witnessed Him doing around you!

For details and {pesky} rules, click the logo. :)

At our house, my recent prayer was a request for Mitchell. On the surface it wouldn't appear to be a huge deal, just a quandary. He was in Bible quizzing last year, and it seemed natural that he resume that activity this year. Megan participated as well, and all our kids had a program to be involved in on Wednesday nights. (Madison is in AWANA.) Mitchell wasn't into it, but I was happy he was learning scripture, even if he didn't answer questions at quizzes. He enjoyed being with his friends and it was a mostly positive experience.

As the start of the school year approached and we began talking about Wednesday programming, Mitchell refused to consider quizzing again.

I was puzzled. But I didn't want to force him to participate.

I waited. We had many conversations about the program, and I questioned him why he wasn't interested, what was frustrating, what was holding him back. I never pushed.

He expressed feelings of failure. 

I take some of the responsibility for that. I find it difficult to balance how much to push him into success, how much to control and structure his practice and memorization time, and how much motivation should come from his own drive to succeed. Maybe I should have pushed him harder last year so he would know a taste of success. But I can't go back and change it.

I prayed. Mitchell doing nothing on Wed. nights was not an option. But there really wasn't another option.

I waited for him to change his mind. I had no back-up plan. This was not just about Mitchell quizzing. This was about fighting for Mitchell's heart and his struggle with self-defeat.

The beginning of quizzing was days away, and we happened to be in the van driving somewhere when I broached the subject again. He was adamant. He would not be in quizzing.

Then I mentioned a possibility of a lighter memorization load. He immediately interrupted me and confidently stated he would join the Bible quiz team. I was relieved, but pessimistic. Would this year be a repeat of last year? Would he just wallow in the pit of I'm-not-good-enough again?

The first practice came, we dropped the kids off at their programs, and Robb and I went on our date.

(See why it was mandatory Mitchell be in programming? Purely selfish reasons! ;) )

After that practice, Mitchell insisted he was going to memorize 50 verses this year! That's more than he completed last year, not less! He proceeded to memorize the first six verses that same evening! Word perfect. With references!

Yesterday we had our first quiz meet. He was on fire! I won't bore you with too many quizzing rules and details, but a quiz out is when a student (jumping against up to11 other players) answers 4 questions in one quiz of 20 questions. Mitchell answered 3 questions correctly in each of his quizzes! He was soooo close to quizzing out! He was confident. He was beaming! This is a big deal people!

He has tasted success. And I am so proud!

Each answer was completed with dramatic hand gestures! :)

In retrospect, I have no idea what changed his viewpoint and attitude about Bible quizzing. But I know his mama's heart was pleading for God to work out the details and to soften his heart, and He did.

I am so thankful.

Now, it's your turn! Please, please, please, share! God is at work around you! Are you noticing?

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