Tuesday, September 21, 2010

He is Always Good.

The cool fall breeze wafts in behind my humming sewing machine, and I sit up, stretch my back and try to relax.  The days have been stressful.

The crickets have their own hum here in the country where golden brown soybean fields stretch across my view and the lighter gold corn fills the distant hills. I gaze out the window. Everything else is yet green, but an impatient little maple turned orange.

Home School is underway.

{So}Sartina is up and running with a few promotions in the works.

Robb is halfway done with his classes that I have yet to explain to you. (Sorry! Soon, I promise!) He passed his tests, so all that remains in putting in time.

The barn project that we started before we sold our company continues.  Once started, it had to be finished, but it feels a little funny to be in the middle of a construction project and between jobs. Still, it will be lovely to have the space. There are just finishing touches left.

The crazy that is life is calming down. Or maybe I am just more at peace today. I've had my tears and worries and now I'm tired of them.

The crickets continue their hum. God continues his work in our lives. And I continue to trust that all he has for us is good. Because HE is good. Always.

Unwrapping the gift of today for Tuesdays Unwrapped.

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Bobbie Bankston said...

Sounds very busy and happy at your house