Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Miss me?


How are you?

I've so much to say here and picture to share, but it is late. again. and I can't handle another late night, so please be patient.

Who am I kidding. You probably didn't even miss me.

I joke.

I bet my grandparents missed me. *waves*

We camped this weekend.

I came right home and started a new business.

Today, I reorganized my whole office. This included recovering a chair,

 new fabric in background

hauling two ergonomic desks that weigh two tons each out and one oak desk in all while being eaten alive by mosquitos. By myself. Thankyouverymuch.

 I never was patient enough to wait for a man to help me. And now my back is paying.  Oh well. It looks nice. Which is what really matters.

Ok, so the desks didn't really make it out. Just out to the dining room. Where they now serve as the fine support of a blanket fort. So clearly the whole house looking nice will take a bit more work. The work of a strong man. Because those beasts weigh two tons each and even this impatient girl cannot move them any further. Even I have my limits.

That's all the update I've got time, or energy for ~

I'll be back here soon.

I promise.

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