Friday, September 24, 2010

Jobs and Such

So here's the thing. Robb is in training to get his realtor license. I think that's what you call it. Actually he passed his tests last week, so now he just has to finish his classes. He got a job working for friends of ours as the office manager of a Counselor Realty office. He'll be listing property as well.

On the first day of class, he called me excitedly and said, "I was made for this." That was also confirmed in the class that pinpointed personality types that excel in the field. He loves laws and guidelines and paperwork and details and meeting people and phone calls and the internet. He's weird like that.

But I love him anyway. 
And doesn't he look skinny, ya'll?? :)
(Honey, when this post is delivered to your phone, don't click the photo link. kthanx.)

And the housing market can only get better, right?

For a variety of reasons, we are so thankful we sold our business when we did. We were paying attention. Call it common sense, discernment, wisdom, or the whisper of God, our hearts were prepared and when the opportunity to sell came, we jumped. And not a moment too soon. The entire upper management at the company we did business for was completely replaced within two weeks. We are so thankful all the loose ends with that company were tied and severed before all that took place, so none of the upheaval affected us.

Now, since Robb's got nothing better to do, (ha!) he will continue on and take the next level of classes and get his GRI Designation (Graduated Realtor Institute). So for the next month he will be spending lots of time driving and in class and reading and such. I won't be able to call him to come rescue me if I get a flat tire, or if the kids are driving me to the edge of sanity. But I can text him. *insert evil laugh*

Honestly? I never would have guessed this is what God would have for us. But there have been lots of surprises over the years. And if I've learned one thing, it's that all I ever learned about God's provision is true. I believed it then. I KNOW it now. And so, we prepare for the next thing.

Anyone looking for a house or have a house to list? *Grin*

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