Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More and less

The heart of a woman in love with Jesus is beautiful.

I sat last night at a table of ladies, workbooks and Bibles open,
pondering Words and life and encouraging each other.
Those I've known for a while I saw with new eyes.

I saw growth.

New peace.
New softness.
New passion.
New dependence on truth
because of the trials grace has brought us.

Because even the rough spots are grace.

We are changed because of grace
this gift of undeserved growth,
becoming something better,
that came from hearts yearning
and a Spirit's love. 

I saw my friends as new people,
confident of our God and His Way,
anxiety shrinking, faith increasing.

Those ladies and their growth blessed me.
We gather as different yet the same,
Desperate for a singular thing.
More and less.
Less of what we want.
More of what He has for us.
It is one thing,
because we can't have both together.

We want it, His will,
whatever the result.
Because either way it goes,
it will be beautiful.

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Lisa~ said...

YOU, my friend, are beautiful. I love how you put your thoughts into expressions of meaning. Thanks. --for sitting at my table, for growing with me, for being a sister in Christ.