Thursday, September 9, 2010

Organization and Lack Thereof

I had a very productive day yesterday.

This is my new sewing station. I LOVE it!

I got this chair at a garage sale years ago for $1.00. For some reason *cough*laziness*cough* I never recovered it. It was "good enough." Until now. Now it is perfect. I'm calling it my {So}Sartina chair.

The tables I purchased at Ikea. The cutting table pulls out for extra workspace.

Is it weird that I just sit in here now and admire it?

And this. This is where I will store all my pretty roses. I made the little macrame rainbow when I was 10.
Cute, no?

I also heaved and maneuvered two ergonomic desks out and brought this baby back in. I'd mourned the loss of this oak desk and am happy to have her back where she belongs. I love her storage and counter space. Maybe I'll name her too. Ha!

Now the danger of sharing all these pretty pictures is you may think I have my act all together and my whole house is spotless and perfect and organized. I hope you don't think that. I don't like being on a pedestal. Pedestals are precariously tippy. And so I show you these:

This is my husband's file cabinet and corresponding crapola. Which since it has been sitting in the hallway (another thing I cannot move by myself no matter my impatience) I walked headlong into and gave myself a huge nasty bruise on my leg.

My sister laughed out loud when I told her. But that's because she bangs into stuff all the time. No lie.

It seriously hurts. Good thing swim suit season is passed.

And here is one old desk turned fort and the other turned desk. Oh, wait. It's already a desk.


They are sitting in my dining room. Waiting to be sold on Craigslist. Or to be hauled to the barn by a big strapping young man.

Do you need ergonomic desks? They are really nice, heavy duty, adjustable and are very expensive to buy new.

I just didn't like them.

Tomorrow I shall tell you about Robb's new job and training or our camping trip which will include pictures of a snake regurgitating a frog.

You pick.

Man, my blog content is deteriorating.

But I made myself laugh, so that's something.

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