Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Bit O' Business

I have a bit of business to take care of this afternoon.

Oh, now, don't get all serious on me! This is fun business!

I have been considering offering advertising here on this little space for a while now, the benefits (uhhhh, moneeeyyyy) and the disadvantages (cluttered screen space.) This is a question many Christian bloggers eventually ask themselves. Does God want me to make money or ministry? Or both, possibly?

Now don't get too excited for me. My readership is humble, though growing.

I was pretty excited, though, when I got an email from a representative from DaySpring asking me to join their affiliate program. Because I already love their products and their blog and I'm acquainted with a few of their biggest partners. And I had already decided that if I could be a part of any affiliate program, I would choose theirs.

So, I have a couple of ads on my blog, and things are looking a little different. But I hope you think it's a good kind of different. I would love to fill my home with DaySpring's inspirational home decor, so I don't mind advertising for them and making a couple bucks (12%, actually, as long as you don't disable cookies!) if you happen to want to buy something. Like this:

Ever Grateful - 4 Piece Wasabi Place Setting

From: DaySpring Cards Inc

or this:

Wonderful Grace - Carved Wooden Serving Tray

or this:

Wood Carved Wall Hanging - Ask, Seek, Knock

I would love it if you would check out DaySpring's Store. They have some fantastic sales right now. Everything in the store makes me happy, and puts my soul at rest.

Also, take a peek at the DaySpring blog
It's a beach house of friends and faith and fun and is filled with the writings of some of my favorite bloggers!

Disclaimer: I promise not to hound you or annoy you or beg you to buy from DaySpring very often! I will share an occasional beautiful item I happen to be salivating over! The rest of the time,  there will just be a little ad hanging out on my sidebar and postscript.

And that concludes this little business meeting!

Happy Weekend!

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