Monday, October 25, 2010

Listing Thanks, Fighting a War

I have declared war.

My tools: an old fashioned mouse trap and a glob of peanut butter. The critters have invaded my kitchen, and I'm ready for battle.

The proof of them litters a drawer of silverware, the dishtowels, the cutting board, under the sink, and the bread drawer with its chewed on loaves.

I'm done. I've had enough.

Everything that can be is washed, thrown in the dishwasher or the Maytag. Traps in empty drawers and disarray on counters, we wait. And wait.

So far the score is 4 for 4. Plus one. Four little beasties met their death, four traps cleaned by sneaky delicate snackers, and one thumb stung by it's own weapon. The same trap that did not snap on mice, snapped on me. Go figure.

I'm strung back tight like that trap, with contents of kitchen about me, and the regular mess of life too. I snap.

Isn't it often this way? The little nuisances, the extra bit of stuff to do, the unexpected battles in life set us taut. At the slighted pressure, we snap.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Pressure is released in praise and enables grace so we don't have to snap. Thank goodness, because there are always more mice.

So we continue fighting battles with hands stretched upward, in praise and surrender to the only One that changes hearts and reactions.

He reminds me to be thankful for my temporarily disorganized kitchen. And maybe even the mice.

Counting again this week for One Thousand Gifts.

21. neighbors offering combine rides - a first for our kids!
22. blue Mason jars - 3 dozen of them - free!

23. library books and the quiet moments they bring, especially in the van
24. homemade doughnuts
25. suede boots with long sweaters
26.  that my daughter wrote school on our One Thousand Gifts board
27. help with the dishes
28. seeing our friends' new house and rejoicing at every detail perfect for them
29. visit with great aunt and uncle from a far away state
30.  impromptu mosey with two friends through my favorite store
31. chilly rainy day for the chili feed. perfect and appropriate.
32. that a child of mine gives thanks for the Bible
33. fall rain storms bringing lightening and thunder and an excuse to pull the covers higher
34. rest


Molly said...

How goes the war? Have you tried the brand of traps called "Better Mousetrap"? They are the only ones that worked for us in our old house. They are plastic. I'm thankful for my mouse-free (and boxelder bug and lady beetle-free) house! :) Good luck!!!

Sgrbear724 said...

Visiting from the gratitude community-and enjoying my journey!

Lovely bits of grace, all.

Rebecca @

Hyacynthworth said...

I love your list. {And when fall brings a big rain storm, prompting a longer snuggle in bed.}