Saturday, October 2, 2010

Taking {So}Sartina Out on the Town

Megan obliged and took my picture, you know, to show purse scale etc. for our shop. Not bad for a 9 year old, except I look pregnant. Ha! ({So}Sweet Purse pictured.)

 I'm going to enjoy an early (very early) birthday present tonight and join my twin sis and her hubby, and Robb, or course, to see "How to Talk Minnesotan" at the Plymouth Playhouse. I don't think I need any real help in that area, what with my Norwegian, Minnesotan heritage, but my Buckeye bred hubby may learn a thing or too. Based on our previous expereinces at the Plymouth Playhouse, we're in for some laughs. And perhaps at our own Scandinavian selves!

 And I almost forgot: It's time for The Saturday Evening Blog Post! I shared This Season because it speaks of the brokenness and death in the autumn and winter of soul and the hope of new Life. Spring will come.

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Liztemplin said...

Love the background you chose for the photo! And Meghan did a wonderful job (of course!)