Thursday, October 21, 2010


The unknown looms near.
Waiting breeds fear
when not checked by

being sure of what we hope for
but cannnot yet see.

Minds create scenarios,
fictitious, short-lived peace,
as if we could really know
or tell God
what God should do.

Faith is not hoping
in our own ideal dreams
but trust
that what He gives
is grace.

Content to wait.
No fear.

Whatever comes
is from the hands
of a Father
in love

with you.
with me.

for Emily
and those who gather 
to share heart expressed, 
a bleeding of fragrance
to our Father.


Joann said...

Beautiful poem. It's strong like the rock you are writing about. Thank you for encouraging me with your faith.

in the hush of the moon said...

oh, you pierced my spirit with this, and tears: for i know, it's so true, and you put it so beautifully... yet so hard, to put into practice. pray for me in this? how i love that you linked. please do, again. xo

Sharon Cohen said...

Wonderful praise poem. I may use this line in teaching: "Faith is not hoping in our own ideal dreams." That is the most difficult lesson to learn but you have described it well. You've got a new follower in me.

Hi, I'm Sharon. I'm here from Emily's Imperfect Prose, enjoying each link and inviting everyone to stop in for my contribution, #47 Hearten Soul, Communication.

Alittlebitograce said...

Faith is not hoping
in our own ideal dreams
but trust
that what He gives
is grace.

those are words i needed to hear. thank you.

ktinajoy said...

Welcome! And thank you!

ktinajoy said...

Thank you, and yes, I will. It IS a difficult lesson, and learned only through practice, I think. Guiding each idle and worry-filled thought to his feet is sacrifice. But one that is oh so sweet.