Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Barn Renovation - {Part 3}

So, we had sold our business. The inventory in the barn slowly disappeared and the haymow emptied as the new office was bolstered and filled with a level floor, a stairway, a loft. 

Sometimes we start things that seem like a good idea and then along the way, 

circumstances change and we wonder – what was THAT all about? 

How’d we get HERE? 

But we knew our history of business and adventures and we were convinced that somehow, God still had a purpose for this project and we hadn’t just started this thing on our own. And along the way, our lives are remodeled too. He's been bolstering our supports, tearing out the rotten boards, preparing our life structure for what is to come.

As we go about the busy bits of life and work, we feel we are in a waiting period, a not-quite-settled-in time of learning to be empty of ourselves and full of trust and praise and worship. He has brought us this far, and we are waiting for his purpose to be revealed.

Are you waiting too? What are you doing while you wait?

Barn Renovation: Before
Barn Renovation : Part 2

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