Monday, November 29, 2010

Glitter, Glory, Grace - One Thousand Gifts

We are recovering from a busy holiday weekend which was filled with family and friends, the warm glow of the hearth and the whine of a saw blade. Two days were spent with relatives and two were spent working on the barn renovation. It's almost done! (And I will soon get out there to take pictures and post a full update.)

I'm struggling over here to get back into a school/life routine in the midst of bouts of mild vertigo/dizziness. I don't know what to call them, but these times have come on and off for a while now, with increasing frequency. At this point it's only a bit annoying, but would you pray for me please?

Still, as I sit with laptop on top of afghan on top of me, in a living room strewn with unorganized pretty Christmas paraphernalia, son studying, daughter playing under the haphazard child-decorated tree, and Christmas music lending happy atmosphere, I come here to share a thankful list.

I will give thanks.

With uncertain heart, weak faith, I say, "Lord, help my unbelief."

And He does.

One thousand gifts.

Pandora - the Amy Grant holiday station
touch screens
friends who are dear to us, gathered near to us
family who come from far away, and those that are always nearby
pine cones and glitter

rearranged furniture
barn project nearly completed
Christmas lights on house, synced to music
holiday food
another completed Bible study

Thank you friends, for love and grace as I pop in here sporadically. May your holiday season be filled with the light His presence, the glitter of His glory, the fullness of His Spirit.

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