Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sweet Lovin' {Birthday} Sisters & Giveaway

We sat, couples facing each other in a pizza parlor booth. Twin across from twin and our hubbies likewise. After pizza and a shared chicken Caesar wrap, dessert arrived and with it our competitive habits. It's defend your quarter pie, no holds barred, do not slowly savor or turn your back, or we will eat your share for sure!

You steal a bit of mine and I'll dig out a huge spoonful of yours, no apology but a huge grin. This is dessert after all, and we are of Norwegian blood. The kind that serve no less than three options for dessert. We will not be shorted our fair share, but we won't be concerned in the least about yours.

While we stuff our faces, scarfing the chocolate chip cookie dough pie mounded with vanilla ice cream, husbands joke, exchange dessert protection stories of their wives.

We sheepishly giggle. We cannot deny the truth of our sugar craving behavior.

Robb and Thad commiserate.
"She does that too?"
"You have no idea!"
"Oh, I think I do!"

In this we are the same. We are twins after all.

And at our husbands' complaints we can barely contain our laughter as our spoons battle over the last bite.


Today is our birthday. Yep. We turn 35 today! And since no one could come to yesterday's Gifts & Gab because of the horrendous amount of snow that decided to come for my longstanding wish to have a white birthday, and I didn't get to give anything away,


I'm giving away a $35.00 shopping credit to {So}Sartina today! 
But hurry! Comments will close tonight!

To enter, leave a comment with your email address and your favorite birthday treat. Because we like sweets!

P.S. Just this week as we celebrated grandma's 91st birthday at the local Chinese buffet, a delicate cake sat on my plate, and she did it. Yes she did. My twin sister took the first bite of my dessert. A huge corner of a tiny mocha creme cake.

See? I am so not exaggerating this dessert dilemma!

Happy Birthday favorite sister! Love you! 
{We shared a womb, so I guess sharing a little dessert isn't a big deal! Here's a fork. Dig in.}

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