Saturday, December 11, 2010

Barn Renovation - A Name (Part 4)

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Maybe we are stubborn optimists. But really, if we are filled with faith, how can we not be? God promises to work ALL things for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. We do and we are and we live in trust that He guides our steps when our hearts are fully His. So though it seems crazy to be building up and finishing a project when in transition, sometimes you just have to finish what you start.  And the in-between times are the best opportunity to prepare for the next thing.

I’ve learned not to live in fear of what people think. It’s not as if we could have known the future. When we first decided to take on this project, we made the best decisions we could with the information we had. We just walk step by step. His light for our path only reaches a few steps in front and we don’t have an inkling what wonderful sort of plan He’s dreaming up for us.

We wait with expectation. We have our ideas of how God works or how He MAY work.  A big barn with an attached finished space holds a million possibilities.

For now, it is a space of quiet and counsel and relationship building, a haven to share hope and encouragement. And if that’s all it ever is that’s OK with us. Our heart is for people and healing and guiding others to walk in His steps because walking with Christ is the greatest adventure!

So we have a space in a barn that's finished, and we wait. We walk down the road to our room beside the barn and we quiet ourselves and our hearts and our lives.

A place like this needs a name.

It's been called a man cave, the men den, the barn room, the shack. But it is really none of those things.

And what do we WANT it to be?

It's not to be a place to escape reality, and it's not for men only.

It is a place of quiet. Away from dishes and mess, noise and demands. A place to think. Or to read. Or to talk.

We like to talk. To each other and to our friends. About life. About Love. About grace.

What do we call a space like that?

Picture taken from Loft. It's not furnished, or pictured.

A room that is to be an oasis in the deserts of our everyday. A place where we drink from the Living Water, and come away refreshed and renewed.

It is our En-Gedi.

So it is. So it shall be called.

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