Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Card Wreath

I have a bad habit. I have many, actually, but today I'm only telling you one.

I save stuff I think I might use someday.

Maybe that's a good habit, but not always. Now, I think I've gotten better, and I don't keep everything anymore, and certainly not anything large like bar furniture. (Ok, I admit, I have a fainting couch in storage. But that's the only large item! And..... maybe a nice headboard and footboard.)  Mostly I get rid of stuff I don't need, but certain unique shapes or items I know would cost a lot or be difficult to find, I save.

The topic of today's discussion: a large round wood ring.

On Saturday, I randomly had an idea (the way all my good ideas come,) and I searched for this round frame and almost panicked that I had trashed it. Thankfully, I only looked two places before I found it hanging on the stair rail to our basement. (I also have random storage places.)

I found a bunch of Christmas ribbon in red green and gold  - I never toss Christmas ribbon - cut it up and tied random pieces to my frame. Then I wrapped some berries I scavenged from an old wreath and paper clipped my Christmas card collection to the ribbon.

This hangs above our kitchen table now and I think I like it! And I'm so glad I didn't toss that silly wood ring!

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