Monday, December 20, 2010

I like snow. And this is why.

We've had a lot of snow here this year. 18 - 24 inches of white blankets the ground.

Snow is good. Lots of snow is better. Let me count the reasons why.

1. It's pretty. You can't argue that. In wind blown drifts, or soft piles of fluff. The world is beautiful covered in white.
2. You can eat it. Seriously. Make your own lemon ice.
3. It's bright, blinding even, but definitely not dreary.
4. Blizzards are exciting. You can tell by the amount of weather warnings. And the way the house shakes.

5. Blizzards are an excuse to do nothing but watch movies, read books and bake cookies

6. It's fun to play in, slide down, crunch under your feet, throw at your brother or sister or mother
7. You can't downhill ski without it. Duh.
8. It reminds me Jesus makes me whiter than snow

9. It's glittery like a million billion diamonds, and is delicate like lace.
10. It's better to have cold WITH snow, than cold without it. Don't ask me why. It just is.
11. Snow means no mosquitoes. Except the occasional one still in our house. Don't ask me how they are still here.
12. Snow is a good excuse to own a pickup.
13. Snow is better than freezing rain. And less dangerous. At least for those of us who know how to drive in it.

14. Snow brings out the neighborly. Now, that's my kind of snow blower! And the service is better than AAA!

15. Hot cocoa and rosy cheeks. Slippers and afghans. Enough said.

Counting blessings, even during another snow storm warning.:)

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