Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Summary....

I've been resting and enjoying this Christmas vacation. Didya notice? :)

I've cleaned. My room is spotless thanks to a cleaning frenzy yesterday in which I almost missed our chiropractor appointments. Yes, I was in the Zone!

I've baked and cooked, trying new recipes, mostly from my favorite Flat Belly Diet cookbooks.

I've entertained friends. Braved the Mall of America a few short days after Christmas.

I've not stressed about blogging or sewing or school or life.

I needed that.
And that is why I am just now posting Christmas pictures. :)

Christmas was great.

Most every year, we pack up our van, drive to my parent's church, the one I grew up in, for the Christmas eve service, then head over to my childhood home for soup and (just one) present. We pretend we drove a few hundred miles more than the 15 from our home to theirs, and we stay up late, reading stories by the fire, and spend the night.

The best thing about this tradition is my mom's caramel rolls for breakfast which immediately follow
the unwrapping of the stockings loaded with treasures.

It's a good gig.

Oh look! A picture of me! On my phone! Shame!

With four daughters in the family and Grandma next door, my dad was outnumbered for years. The ratio is finally starting to even out..... 

We lolligag and do last minute prep all morning until the rest of the relatives come from no so far off lands, like Burnsville. With the exception of an aunt that recently decided to winter in Texas. But then again, that's kinda like another country. Ha! Said aunt spent the night at Grandma's right next door to my parents' house, so she got to lolligag too! Lucky her!

(Next year we will have more distant family. My little sister leaves for Mexico soon to work on Bible translation with Wycliffe. Though I guess Mexico is still not really a distant land, it being our neighbor and all. And right next to Texas at that. *ahem*)

Relatives arrive with food and mysterious packages. This year the menu was hors d'oeuvres. No last minute turkey carving or mashed potato whipping. We snack all day long on finger food.


I think my favorite part of our holiday traditions is relatively new. This is our third year to exchange white elephant gifts.

Oh, look what I got! A white elephant!

These pink flamingos are a family joke. My sister stole them from my grandma for her husband. So naturally Grandma got to pick a new present which turned out to be:

Very niiiiicccceeee, Grandma!

What do Grandmas over 90 want to get rid of & contribute to a gag gift exchange? Silver platters, of course! This platter went from one grandma to another!

Madison was thrilled with this angel tree topper. Her mother? Not so much. Our tree already touches the ceiling. Poor angel would get a crink in the neck if we put her up there. At least that's what I tell Madison!

My mother was lucky (??) enough to get the Go-Girl I contributed, and Robb snagged a lovely Fitz and Floyd vintage salad bowl. We've heard it's worth a small bit of money, and if you like that type of thing, watch for it,  it might just show up on ebay!

I missed taking pictures of the cookie jar that Grandma gave, the very one that sat on her kitchen counter when I was a child. Or the cube of shag carpet squares. Or the plastic Stitch that blows bubbles... I love seeing my Grandparents cracking up, and the puzzled expressions on my kids faces at the random stuff that is unwrapped!

Our Christmas was relaxing, peaceful, fun.

I am so grateful. This year has been full. God is faithful.

I could say so many things, and I wish it wasn't lunchtime and that my kids weren't hungry! :) I'd stay and chat awhile more.

For now ~ Happy New Year!

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