Friday, December 24, 2010

Visions of Messy Sugar Plums {Christmas is No Time for Perfectionism}

Twas the day before Christmas, and my cluttered kitchen
filled with cookies, goodies, boots, coats and mittens.
The sugar's out on table, in red, green and white
I do not need to tell you, by end, it was quite a sight.

You've been there I'm sure, it's a messy tradition,
we set aside tendencies to decorating perfection.
Sugar is everywhere, the cookies are messy
But every last goodie tells it's own happy story.

Spoons covered in frosting and finger licking elves;
I look at it all and laugh in spite of myself.
The kids had their fun, made their own version of pretty 
To control their fun would have been really silly.

So in your holiday traditions, keep this in mind,
there is no room for perfect, I think you will find,
much peace love and joy in more "good- enoughs"
so please take perfectionism off your Christmas list of stuff.

For what fun is a mother who gripes and controls 
how the cookies appear, I would hope that she knows
that perfection is costly and everyone works gaily
when a mother lets go, and redefines beauty.


For this is the season of upside-down things
of a God come down here, in a manger a King.
For the broken and messy, a star shines through the night.
May you find Him this Christmas, He's the way, the truth, the light!

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