Monday, January 24, 2011

Language, Linguistics and Laura

Laura and I, 1987 

When Laura came into our lives that 4th of July weekend, she was 6 weeks early and little, born to our family of four who hadn't added to it's number since my twin and I were born 11 years earlier.

I remember hearing the news of the upcoming baby, over Oreos and milk at the kitchen table, and was so astonished I actually threw up. It took approximately one minute to get over the shock before my twin sister and I were excitedly planning and scheming to go shopping for the little sister we wanted.

Some thought she was an ooops with such a large gap between siblings, and older parents. But we knew better. She was planned. By our parents and by our God. 

She was one spunky kid. I supposed she had to be with two big sisters who dressed her and redressed her and taught her to talk early and do tricks on command. She sucked her nuk upside down and rotated it in her mouth when requested. Around and around and around. I taught her to pick her nose, and who knows what else.

We taught her good things too. I think she could say John 3:16 as soon as she could talk.

I believe she was only four when she declared she wanted to be a missionary. I suppose lots of kids say that sort of thing, but she meant it.

Laura with our niece, Victoria, 2010

Yesterday, my little sister boarded a plane with two suitcases and a backpack and moved to Mexico. We had our goodbyes and tears the night before. As I walked into church that Sunday morning,  her plane was leaving the ground.

She's a linguist, and I suppose I could take credit for her language skills, what with all the big sister coaching on her pronunciation when she was little. Sara and I would have her say a word over and over until she got it right. I could claim credit, but God gave her a fascination with language, a love for the Word of God and a passion for people without the Scripture in their heart language.

She's moved to Mexico to work with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and I'm a proud big sister.

If you would like to follow her journey, here is her blog.
Leave a note telling her you were sent there by her big sister. :)

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