Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Kitchen in Color. And a short detour about dirty dishes.

Life to the Full Kitchen Collection by DaySpring

I suppose it was this ad that started it. Or maybe it was the bland monotone of both the winter view outside my window and the view inside from my kitchen chair. I had a sudden urge for color.

I began to "shop the house." I pulled the red vase from the entryway table, the red glass votive hurricane too. I found red and teal cookbooks and brought up my stash of blue ball canning jars from the basement.

I allowed myself a tiny bit of shopping. A Valentine plate from Target's "dollar" aisle (the $2.50 shelf), a green plate from The Mill for $2.00, and a blue glass insulator turned votive for $1.50.

Oh, look!  A fun artsy angled photo. Nah. I was just avoiding the full sink of dirty dishes. *wink* Jesus did say He came "that they might have life, and have it to the full," and sometimes that means leaving dishes in the sink. A "full" sink. Ha.

At least that's what I tell myself. But I do think it's true. It's only when I see a friend's spotless sink that I get all jealous of their dedication to cleanliness and then I doubt myself. Thus the hiding of the dirty dishes picture.


Anyway. Back to the kitchen. A red mug from a friend, various glassware....whatever I could find in my color scheme, I used.

 Yes, we always have a Papa Murphy's pizza on our stove. What of it?

The Christmas card wreath still hangs, but today I have plans for it. I love items that can easily convert from one holiday to another... I'll post when I'm done. 

I spy two berry hearts from Target's "dollar" aisle. ($5.00 for both)

This would be a fun project and nice addition to my sink.
Should I try it? I wonder where Robb's drill is........?

The plate clock above my sink does need to go. As in buh-bye.

I've had it forever and a day. Like, since the first year of marriage, and I can't even remember what it was like to not be married and have kids, so it must have been forever ago.  Maybe I should replace it with this:

On second thought, maybe I'll just paint it myself! (It could say, "May your sink overflow. Ha!)


This needs to stay a very cheap makeover. If it wasn't, I'd get this, too:

God Is Good - Gallery Wrapped Canvas Print

Because it's true, and I think it would be good to have in my face every morning, ya know?

Especially when I've left dirty dishes in the sink.

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