Friday, February 25, 2011

FB Friday

Welcome to FB Friday! The day that I review my week based on my FB status{es!}

Real bloggers have their FB pages as fan pages and this would be a duplication of information, but as I am lazy and confused and still haven't decided whether I ever want my real name freely available on this here blog, I have not given blog readers I don't know in real life full access to my personal FB page. Also, as interesting as craft projects and spiritual musings about fog are, they don't really tell you, or record for me, a lot about what we are up to in our daily goings about.

Commence weekly review, in all its wonderful sarcasm.

We preempted the snowstorm and had an impromptu birthday party for Megan yesterday after church. Not bad for not planned.

We had planned to visit a friend after church anyway and let our kids play while Robb and Linda did some paperwork, and since a huge snowstorm was forecast for the next day when the planned American Girl Doll themed birthday party was to take place, we invited one more friend to come along, picked up some things at the grocery and viola! a birthday party/work meeting/playdate/movie day!

The snow did come, fast and furious, and we just barely made in home in the pickup that evening.
Megan's planned party was canceled due to half of the two guests being snowed in, so we braved the new snow and took Megan on a birthday shopping trip to Target and out for Chinese.
I celebrated Megan's birthday today and the new snow by buying myself two new swimsuits. Mexico vacation cannot come soon enough. But really, the snow is fun. Especially Robb getting his truck stuck in our driveway. That was more than fun. That was hilarious. 
I was nice enough to not take a picture, though I now regret it. :)
Our appliances are on strike. Washer part came today, water cooler leaks & dishwasher handle broke for the third time. When it rains it pours. Or blizzards.
Joined the digital reading world by adding a Kindle app to my phone and loading two home school read aloud books. Saved at least $30.00. Gotta love that! :)
Let me say it again: I love technology!

Stuck. On our way to the Orthodontist. We didn't get very far.

There was only drift in our driveway and this was it. I was able to call the ortho, and postpone Megan's appt. Wouldn't want to miss her important date with the braces remover! Robb came to the rescue and switched vehicles, I dashed off with kids in tow and he stayed to dig my poor van out. What a nice guy!
Well the good news is the Sears guy came and fixed our dishwasher and clothes washer. The bad news is, he replaced a white handle with a black one and the flange on the clothes washer is the wrong part. The water goes in to the bleach cup, but this one has no outlet, so the water still goes on my floor.
So, in other words, there was no good news. Megan has nothing to wear, and I can't do laundry. Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Sears guy comes on Monday. But I haven't heard if a new part was ordered, so the laundry situation may not be resolved any time soon. Again: wailing and gnashing.
Wednesday was a day from H E double hockey sticks, at least on an American scale of all things considered reasonably normal.... 
decorating in my head. Otherwise known as cheap therapy.

Thinking about chalkboard paint. What do you think? {Pardon my lazy Photoshopping skills}

 As I type my children are baptizing the cat in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But first, they made sure he had Jesus in his heart.

Poor cat.

Uffda! What a week!


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