Monday, February 14, 2011

I love us.

I visit him at the office on Friday, to pick up a check, and there they sit on his desk, waiting for me. Roses. A bit of heather and seeded eucalyptus.

He likes to give me my Valentine early so I won't worry that he'll forget.

I think that's funny. But I love it.

  Valentine pinwheel table runner Megan and I are working on. 
We may be finished by next Valentine's Day.

He gives me two cards, one with his words, and one that's good for an hour massage. By a professional.

He's not the professional, but I don't mind.

 Heart strings how-to at Family Fun

His card reads, "I've recently learned to love this day. I now realize this is our day...." and I think of the commercial that says Valentine's Day is not about I love you, but about I love us.

And I think it's ironic that when we are particularly pleased with ourselves, we actually say something similar:

"Go us!"

My card reads, "I'm so happy and it's all your fault." A bit of humor, but oh, so honest. I have a tendency to blame-shift, and even on Valentine's Day, I stay consistent.

He laughs. He thinks I'm funny too.

I love us.

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