Monday, February 28, 2011

One Thousand Gifts

This is not the power of positive thinking.

This is taking each thought captive and making it obediently thankful.

Fear redirected toward grateful.

Worry turned to thankful.

Frustration calmed to reflection on the gift in its midst.

Preoccupation with mistakes changed to awe at the presence of a generous God who knows my heart and beckons me to notice His grace in every moment, even the most difficult.

This is eucharisteo. A triplet of words, really. Grace. Thanksgiving. Joy.

Hasn't this been my pursuit? My middle name, Joy. My first, Kristina, meaning follower of Christ. Finding joy in following Christ has been my life-long quest.

Could counting gifts really change me?

I'm doing this for real now, understanding the significance, the Biblical foundation for living a life of faithful gratitude. I'm tired of living tired, missing the joy meant for me. So I count.

"We only enter into the full life if our faith gives thanks... Thanksgiving is the manifestation of our Yes! to His grace." ~Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts
  • piles and piles of laundry done by my 10 year old
  • a smile at more snow, seriously
  • daughter's hair, curled up nice
  • morning sunrise illuminating hoarfrost on the window in front of my elliptical machine, what a view!

  • teaching Megan something new - making instant pudding
  • Robb working from home on a Friday
  • thumbing through new cookbook, mouth watering
  • plans to wear a swimsuit
  • pretty things I've made
  • moonbeams on the ceiling, illuminating the dark fears of the night
  • glorious morning fog and frost clinging

  •  borrowed perfume
  •  rearranged decor - bringing new life to each item
  • causing someone to laugh
  • calming music
  • clearance valentine candy
  • wake up kisses
  • long embraces
  • fog frosted world, the heavy presence of God evidenced

  • Opera on radio in van, and kids singing it, laughing
  • new coffee mug
  • dim morning light, the world waking, and me too, with joy!
  • the accidental mirrored art of light and shadow

  • Hard discussions, leading to clarity, growth.

Oh, so much goodness today, as always, on Ann's blog, on eucharisteo, joy, comfort zones (did I not just talk to my husband last night about just this thing?! But of course, God reinforces his teaching in my heart with words on my screen.) So I have one more to count:

    • God-given themes in my life

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