Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine Yo-Yo Table Runner

Remember these? 

When I was a teen, crafty people were making vests, place-mats and who know what else from them, but in my blog perusing recently, I came across a table runner that inspired me to make a Valentine version that I showed on yesterday's post.

My phone showed a missed call and voice-mail tonight, and when I touched the screen to see who had called, I was surprised and pleased to see the picture of a friend whose voice I haven't heard in years. We were neighbors on our college's married housing campus, graduated with growing pregnant bellies under our gowns, and found excuses to hang out as our babies grew to toddlers and we added more babes to our families. She moved home to Maine a number of years ago and was breaking our phone silence wanting to know how I made the table runner that was in my post yesterday.

(I called them pinwheels, but they are yo-yos, which is probably why she couldn't find a tutorial when she googled it...and that just shows you how my brain works. I'm the creative mind, not the detailed, precise sort of mind. And I make mistakes. All the time.)

It's a good thing I had this post nearly ready to publish! So here you are Ruth!

Start with a pile of fabric scraps cut into circles 4 inches in diameter. I've been thinking I would really like one of these in plain white fabric or a white on white pattern.

Stitch around the edge of the circle, about 1/4 of an inch from the edge. On the first stitch, the needle should be inserted from the right side (the patterned, printed side) of the fabric to the back like Megan is pictured stitching above. The loose threads will then be on the right side of the fabric, making the next step easier.

Now I just realized this is the tricky part and you might want pictures...so I quick took a couple. (I couldn't hack the evening interior lighting so I've changed the color saturation....)

Loose threads on right side of fabric:

Pull on threads till the circle looks like so:

Continue until the gathers are tight in the middle:

 Notice my nails? I don't need a hand model anymore! 

(Robb quit biting his nails soon after he lost the first 25 pounds. 
I guess one discipline leads to another. Not to be outdone, I have also quit biting. Again.
Hopefully for the last time. )

You can play with the gathers a bit so they are evenly distributed, 
but I don't put that much effort into the process. 
Tie the first half of your knot.

At this point you may want an extra set of hands. 

Stick one finger on the gathers, continually poking at the middle and keeping the rough ends down as you pull the thread tight with the other hand. 

I like my manicured nails, yes I do.

Tie it tight, making sure the ends are all tucked in.

Thread a needle with the extra thread ends, insert needle into center of circle and exit the edge of the circle. 
Cut off thread ends, iron flat, and viola....

Before you know it you'll have a pile of these:

With just a few more stitches attaching the circles together, you should have something like this:

Picture taken with Retro Cam on my Evo. What is your favorite phone camera app?
And what do you remember being made from yo-yos?

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