Saturday, February 26, 2011

Weekend Links - Homeschool Books

We just finished reading these enjoyable books as part of our home school curriculum:

My kids loved these science lessons told in stories about "Uncle Paul" as he instructs his nephews. 
Written by French entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre (1823-1915):
Fun, short book, a cat's view of life from his own perspective:

Mitchell and Megan especially enjoyed the above selections, so when we were finished, I wanted to find something similar to continue reading with them. I didn't want to invest much money so I spent a couple minutes finding and loading a Kindle app. to my HTC EVO phone. I don't have a Kindle or reading device, but my phone screen is large enough to comfortably read from, so I did a short search for similar books based on a homeschool catalog I had been perusing, and shortly joined the modern world of digital books.*smile*

Jane Fielding wrote (or revised from the works of H. P. Robinson,) six animal autobiographies, and Fabre wrote three great science story books for children, but some are difficult to track down.  They are available from but I was able to find a couple inexpensive downloads.

Animal Autobiography: 
Bear Brownie, The Life of a Bear
$1.29 for Kindle
$4.99 for Kindle
The last book I found is written by the daughter of author Margaret Gatty whose Parables from Nature   I own, but have not read yet. The below book is said to be full of great information on gardening, woven into story form. I plan on reading it as our family begins thinking about spring and planting our garden. And it's free for Kindle!

But until the ground thaws, we are all set to cozy up with blankets while the snow still falls and read and read and read!

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