Friday, March 4, 2011

FB Friday

So, the week flew by here, did it for you?

Here it is my second week of FB Friday... I think I 'm going to like this weekly review. :)

On Sunday, Megan and I went shopping, which rarely occurs, but alas, she needed new jeans and the patches weren't holding up. So away we went. Mitchell went to a friend's house and Robb headed home for a quiet afternoon with Madison. You can ask him if it was really quiet. HA!

Later that evening, I asked Mitchell about his time with his friend.

Mitchell, you didn't flirt w ur friend's sisters today, did u? No, I just stared @ them. Oh, why? I say. He laughs. Because they're girls.

Innocent as all get out, that boy is, but he's still a boy! He is nearing twelve, and though he's not interested in girls in that way just yet, and flirting for him is a silly giggle and pre-teen craziness, he is beginning to find them fascinating at least. I'm not so sure the girls find him fascinating.

More from Mitchell. He's just full of it, lately. What it is, I'm not sure.

Mitchell: "I had a dream last night that I was @ Walmart and it took me 3 hrs to find the webkinz." Yep, sounds like a kid's worst nightmare.

Speaks for itself, really. My kids are addicted to Webkinz.  It's what they spend their money and extra time on. We're reigning in screen time, for many reasons, but mostly because I'm tired of my desk being taken over by toys, kid papers, crumbs and whatever else they deem necessary while sitting in my chair playing on my computer. (How's one to blog when my office has been overtaken? Honestly!)

When we first moved to the farm, our only internet option was satellite. It's slow. When rain comes, it doesn't work. It stinks. We tried internet with our phone service, and we thought it would be the answer, but that was problematic, and limited, so we canceled the service, losing money on what turned out to be a failed experiment. But......

We may *crosses fingers* have finally found a solution to our internet difficulties. :) I've forgotten how high speed high speed can be. I hope to soon remember.

A technician comes today to install our new internet service. Praying incessantly that this solution works. Seriously!


Some device driver on my desktop keeps crashing it. Blerggggg. And on the day we hope to get faster internet. So. Technology conspires against me. It will not win.

As if our internet trouble weren't enough.... I did a system restore (Take that! also... Hold me!) and hope that solves my crashing issues. I'm tired of that blue screen. It doesn't match my decor.

Just picked a jelly bean up off the floor and ate it. yum.

There was some concern the morsel was from last year. People! Who do you think I am? I have standards, low as they are. A year-old jelly bean does not meet them. (It was from last week.)

I want to keep bees. And chickens. I am crazy.

This may explain my sudden desire to double my garden, raise foul fowl (Thank you, Molly), and risk anaphylactic shock (wow, that's hard to spell):

Watching Food Inc. followed by The Future of Food = research & shopping for organic foods. Did you know wheat bread has high fructose corn syrup in it? Mom, I'd like your wheat grinder now, thank you. :)

I promise our family will not turn into some weird homeschooling-granola-hippie-alarmist combo.  I think. :)

Bottom line: we want to be healthy, and that is so much easier when both husband and wife have the same goals. Break out the dehydrator, grinder, yogurt maker, breadmaker, honey! And promise to help me weed the garden? Please? (Oh, yeah, that's why we have children! *wink*)

Remember this face? Those teeth. Oh my.

Then this:

And now: Ta daaaaa! 

Retainer day. Hopefully we don't get stuck in the driveway like last week.

We made it. Without incident. The days of anyone (me{2x}, Robb{1x}, the UPS driver{1x, 30 minutes}, the bottled water delivery guy with bald tires{1x, then he avoided our place entirely} the propane truck {almost}) getting stuck are over. On some parts of the driveway, I can actually see dirt. I can only hope we've seen the worst of winter.

Her retainer is pink and sparkly. I spared you a picture.You can thank me now. Or later. Whichever.

Finally, something of substance to think about:

All who think people are good at their core need to stop being hypocrites and take the locks off all their doors. 
I stole that from Mark Driscoll's FB page. You'll have to come to our house to see if we lock the doors or not. If I'm out, you are welcome to use my bathroom. Or outhouse. Whichever isn't locked. :)

Happy Friday!

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