Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Paint Something. It feels good.

Do you ever get itchy to change things up in your house, or is it just me? I've had the bug lately, but I've resisted well the urge to spend on things like new modern bedding or leather chairs for my living room and bedroom or whatever else I wish for but cannot finance right now.

Instead, I've been reinventing things I already have.

Case in point: wall item I bought at a garage sale.

I stated earlier that I wanted something new for above my kitchen sink, and decided this piece would work well if it was spruced up with some paint to match my new color highlights in there.

As is typical with me, I'm not quite done with it, as I need to spray some varnish over the whole thing, and I wasn't very particular in my painting method, but I rather like the way it turned out. I do plan to hang it on the wall rather than just setting it in the puddle of water that gets splashed up on my sink and counter.

All in good time, or next year, whichever comes first!

I did buy a canvas and paints for the other kitchen wall, but I haven't been brave enough to start it yet (or honestly taken the time to plan out my painting). But I will do it! Soon!

Have you reinvented anything lately?

If you don't do that kind of thing, check out the link below! Dayspring has great wall art!

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