Friday, December 30, 2011


Despite our best efforts in teaching financial responsibility (or at least despite some effort), when our children receive gift money, they are merciless with whining until we can make the trek to the nearest Target.

We took that trek recently, which became even more of a road trip when we needed to track down Megan's desired purchase at a more distant store. The robotic dog she wanted was $25 off with a $10 bonus puppy. We found out why they were discounted when we got home.

Battery leakage.

That required a can of Sprite be poured over the connection parts.


These trips take forever. Too much money and indecisive little people who actually need nothing are a combination that required much input from caring mothers.

But I'm not a caring mother, so I went and looked at hats.


Trouble is, I am trying to be financially responsible with my gift money, so I only allowed myself to buy one hat.

Plaid and perfect for a bad hair day.

The other coveted, but not procured, hat gave me inspiration only. Warm and cozy with ear flaps for the frigid winter wind that blows out here in farm country, it was perfect. But it was also $20. Not so perfect.

However, I have pinterest and creativity and a daring that is not afraid to cut up old sweaters.

What else can one need?

Alas. Pinterest failed me for the first time ever. I could not uncover one single pattern like the one at the store.

Creativity and inginuity would have to suffice.

Old sweater.

Jersey knit sheet that never got used.



It's not pinkish like the one I wanted, (I used the old pink sweater I had to make mittens for my girls.) but it's fun, and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. :) My budget thanks me.

And I'm not a moment too soon. The snow is finally falling here!

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