Friday, February 24, 2012

Pinterest:Tried and (Mostly) Approved {2}

1.} Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

I will never buy another granola bar again. My kids LOVE them! Easy, fast. These actually stay together. This recipe gets a 10 on taste. They definitely are not low cal, but there's no HFCS or other mysterious ingredient, and the cost is superbly low! For a lower calorie snack, cut them smaller! That's what food manufacturers seem to do!

Notice the last point! lol! Vanilla has never gotten such a bad rap!

I switched it up for myself by doubling the recipe and using 2 cups rice krispies, 2 cups oats and 2 cups of my homemade granola. This has a nuttier, fruitier taste. Mmmmmm.

To calculate calories for your own recipes go here.

Washing my hands is as close to a spa treatment as I get, so it's no wonder I love the fancy smelling liquid hand soaps.  Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Coffee Mint, Almond. I just can't go back to the cheap stuff, and now there's no need!! I paid $1.50 for a bar of natural lavender soap from our natural grocer which will make one gallon of liquid soap. That's even less pennies than the cheap gallon at Sam's Club!

Note: I do not risk my knuckles on a hand grater, I go food processor all the way! 

3.} Shower Cleaner

This one I was not impressed with. The original recipe I followed called for equal parts hot vinegar and Blue Dawn dish soap. The first mistake I made was pouring my hot vinegar into a sprayer just like the one shown below.

It promptly melted.

Optimistically assuming that would be the only thing to go wrong with my cleaning project, I began spraying the thick blue concoction all over the shower. If I would have thought about it before I tried it, I would have realized that was way too much soap. It took forever and a day to get all the suds rinsed off the shower doors.

I was soaking wet by the time my shower was clean.

I think the effectiveness of this recipe is based on how much rubbing and rinsing is needed to rid the shower of bubbles.

4.} Button Bib Necklace

This one, I actually made at a community Project Night sponsored by all the cute little shops of Waconia.

I received lots of compliments on it when at the Project Night, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to actually wear it in public....

My version:

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