Wednesday, February 22, 2012

{So}Sartina Introduces: Silk Rose Bib Necklace {+Tutorial}

Have you been browsing Pinterest since last week? I have! And looky what I found:

This rose bib necklace is Anthropology inspired, which means, I suppose, it is high fashion, but I'm thinking I must not know anyone high fashion; I have yet to see one of these worn in public.

Or maybe I just need to get in to the city more!

Here is the second design option as given on the site:

I think I like the second better. But I made neither. I have quite a few silk roses in my possession, so I quick whipped up a few of my own designs:


These are reasonably simple to assemble once you master making flowers. I have my own special method of making my signature {So}Sartina roses. I'm not sharing my design today, not because it's a company secret, but because my method is my own and really can't be duplicated. It's much too random for that!

However, I have found a couple sites linking to nearly a hundred rose and flower tutorials. That is probably overkill, but I like options, and giving them! Oopsie Daisy and Kojo Designs have already done the difficult work of compiling these, so head on over there!

Also, this site has a great tutorial for making flowers out of old Tshirts. Definitely my favorite idea! That pattern would turn out like this one:

Once you've chosen a style of rose to use, and have a few done,  you need to cut out a piece of felt or fabric to hold it all together: Right click on the photo below and save the picture to your computer for a pattern. Or just eyeball it. :) When printed, that 6 inch line should be....six inches. Rocket science, this is not!

Arrange the roses on the felt crescent and hot glue the whole pretty mess together.  The easiest way to do this is to lay the felt on a working surface, apply hot glue to a third of it and press the rose into the hot glue. Repeat for remaining flowers.

Once everything is attached and glued, trim any excess felt that may be peeking out from behind the roses.

There are two ways to accomplish the next step. The chain can be cut and glued to the ends, or you can do as I did. I used three mini safety pins and saved my chain so it can be swapped out and worn with something else too.

In Summary, these are the materials needed:

  • Fabric and supplies for roses (based on the tutorial you choose)
  • Felt or fabric for crescent backing
  • Glue gun
  • Hot glue
  • Necklace
  • Safety pins (optional)
As long as I'm giving away secrets of how I make things around here, I may as well spill another one:

I now carry Silk Rose Bib Necklaces in my shop!

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