Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beyond Imagining: Immeasurably More {7}


But God wasn't done tying up loose ends. In this job, He also gave all the details and past work experiences of the last few years purpose . Robb needed every one of those seemingly random skills to qualify for this job. (The realty and daycare licenses are also still valuable income sources to be utilized as we need.) The LRC position, database  and inventory management for The PRIME Group, all these prepared him for the position of Events Services Resource Coordinator. In his new job, he works with people and details, and coordinates the use of space in a place that feels like going home.

Crown is home in so many ways. My history is long there.

This is the place where I spun on a chair in the prayer room turned nursery on Sundays, ran the halls as a child with my friends after church, and prayed by the pond for after church outings. This is the place that was church to me first, where I sang at the front of that chapel for Sunday School programs, and played fuse-ball near what is now Simpson auditorium.

When I went there for college it felt like going to church because the professors were parents of my friends, and one the husband of my kindergarten teacher. In this place I remember chapels and Deeper Life, choir practice and Candlelight Carols. Though I disliked the name change from SPBC to Crown as a teen, if it weren't for that change I never would have met my husband here,  or then stood in that very stained-glass and sun-spot-dappled chapel and pledged my life and love.

For Robb, it is the place he found grace and assurance of the security of his salvation. He was an RA and on Senate. He drank coffee in Malaysia on a Senate trip with my childhood friend's parents, one a history prof. We traveled to Europe on choir tour in the formative months of our courtship. Then the first 9 months of our marriage were spent in Faith Village, campus married housing, as we finished classes.

We didn't just graduate from this place. It was home.
Home isn't just a place. It means family. The people at Crown are an extension of our church family, and some Robb even worked with when he managed volunteers for LRC. In the years since leaving that position, he had missed many aspects of the church job.  The sense of purpose gained from completing management tasks is easily replaced. Community born from compassionate church management is not.

Robb would be jumping in to a community he already knew well and was known.

On the day he was hired and the name badge put on the wall, one of our friends walked by and noticing the sign, is said to have declared,

"Robb Stiffler? THE Robb Stiffler? You mean I get to work with Robb? He was my RA in college!"
The Sunday following I was greeted with a hug from the woman who would share office space with Robb. Her excitement was affirming to both of us that this job and Robb were a perfect match.

I didn't really need reassurance at this point that God had indeed been at work in our lives over the last year. But God likes to go over the top just for effect, I am convinced. On the day Robb was hired, our church and Crown's denomination's website posted Romans 15:13 on their Facebook status. That verse stood as bookends at the beginning and end of our year of hoping.

The Holy Spirit was at work! 
See what I did?  
Hope in ME! 
I've got this!
I've got YOU! 

What seemed like a crooked path to us, is made straight.

Our faith and hope is fulfilled. 

The past is redeemed.

Our Hope is in Christ alone.

And Robb comes home every day and says,

"I love my job!"

The road was long and hard, but we made it! Our waiting makes the victory sweeter, and seeing how God put all the pieces together fills us with wonder at His goodness. 

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine,
according to his power that is at work within us, 
to him be glory. 
Ephesians 3:20-21

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