Friday, March 2, 2012

Pinterest: Tried and Approved {3}

Here are my Pinterest finds and reviews from this week!

1.} Jean Flower Accessory

This one is so, SO fun! The stitching around the edges curls the fabric and makes a wonderfully floppy flower! Here's a pattern if you are unsure about freehand cutting the petals:

Double click on the above image and then right click to save image for printing.  
When printed, the 3 inch line should be....3 inches. :)
  • Cut out 5 shapes from old jeans using the above pattern
  • Sew around all edges 
  • Stitch or glue together with smaller size on top, alternating the petal placement
  • Sew or glue beads or layer buttons in center
  • Stitch or glue pin on back
Pretty simple! Here's mine:

Now go accessorize something!

2.}Cream Cheese Danish

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to cream cheese! And boy, does this recipe ooze with cream cheese goodness! So much, in fact, that next time I make it, I will split the filling between two cans of crescent rolls and make two danishes! The filling and topping recipes easily make enough to divide, doubling the pleasure!

To be honest, I was a bit pessimistic when I began, as sometimes a canned roll recipe just tastes too... canned, but I had a package of Aldi's crescent rolls begging to be used. And the final verdict? This one is a winner! The richness of the filling more than masks the canned roll flavor!

3.} Cord Orgaization

Sometimes (OK, ALL the time) I see things like this and wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?"

4.}Printable Picture (for personal use)

I was thinking of someone in particular when I noticed this on Pinterest. (Mary Lou, I'm looking at you!) As is sometimes the case though, the link was bad, and after a short bit of sleuthing, I still cannot find the source for this picture. Based on the style and water stains, I am betting it is a scan from something vintage. I think you are safe printing it and using it for personal purposes. I love printables!

What have you found and tried from Pinterest?

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