Friday, March 16, 2012

Pinterest: Tried and Approved {5}

 Happy Friday to ya! Whatcha found on Pinterest this week? I'd love to hear! These are my finds...

1.} Clipboards as frames

I've been trying to get my kitchen wall just right for a while, and now I finally really like it! I edited a few face shots using Photoshop's cutout filter, printed, clipped and hung the clipboards with ribbon.The painting I finished over Christmas break.

 2.} Sweet Potato Chili

A surprising hit! Robb claimed all the leftovers, so I will be making this again! Next time, though, I will try it with one less can Rotel and add one can plain tomatoes, and maybe a little less pepper.

3.}Scrabble Tile Printables

 I'm leaving in a few hours! Yippee!

4.} Coasters

I made these at the community project night, and love them! Fun and easy and inexpensive! The tissue paper or napkin goes on all crinkly with modge podge, giving the surface a lovely texture when it dries.

That's it for this week! I'm off to pack! Have a lovely weekend!

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