Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{So}Sartina: Around Town

This week was an exciting one for my little home-sewn business, but I must admit to a few nerves as well! Sharing one's heart as I have been for the past few Mondays can feel vulnerable and humbling, and sharing one's art is no different.

Will they like it? Will it sell? It is good enough? Am I good enough? 

I did my best to ignore the little nagging voices inside, packed up a tote of bags and made my way to my hometown last Friday morning. There's a lovely little clothing shop in town that I adore, and the owner asked me to consign some of my bags there!
Designing bags, choosing fabrics, and sewing is definitely a job I treasure. Often though, I doubt my own artistic intuition and second guess my design style. But, as The Stash owner unpacked my items, she complimented the very bag I was most insecure about! Learning to face my fears and value my talents and artistic instincts is a process, but with each encouraging word, I begin to believe I can do this!

See that mess of bags hanging on the door? Those are my label!

If you live in the area, and haven't been to The Stash, you need to check it out! They have great on-trend items and very reasonable prices too! Follow their FB page so you don't miss their store-wide 50% off sales. I took advantage of their deals recently and those items have become my favorites!

In addition to The Stash carrying my bags, my favorite coffee shop now sells my cloth monkey! The Mocha Monkey just couldn't refuse such an adorable mascot! Don't you think he looks a bit like their monkey lid stickers?

I love my hometown! To see an inside view of both establishments, and why Waconia is becoming a destination town, check out this video appropriately titled, Why we love Waconia:  

(Don't let the cover image scare you off. This is a beautifully done video! The Stash and Mocha Monkey can be seen  at :35 - 1:00)

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