Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{So}Sartina Boutique

Last night I hosted the first ever {So}Sartina Boutique in my home. Fifteen ladies came to show their support and browse my creations! One friend brought her daughters and I loved hearing them squeal at all the cuteness!

My sister Sara came bearing scones and baby boy, whose big assignment of the night was choosing the winning slip for the drawing. We held the bowl of paper slips up to his six month chubs, he managed to grab one, and then promptly goobered all over the paper. Thankfully we could still read the smeared printing and one friend won some store credit!

We munched on chocolate drizzled toffee scones and pear brie sage tart while I told the {So}Sartina story. I'm not sure if I got the story right, so it's good I documented it as it unfolded

This was the bag that started it all.

But I couldn't leave it alone, so I designed the first ever signature rose.

Here's where I started thinking about names for my Etsy shop.
Read the name ideas in the comments. They are fun.

And this is the one where I revealed the chosen name.

I've learned a ton since then, made lots of things I love, and I continue to enjoy sharing them with you! 

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