Monday, June 25, 2012

I'm the parent of a teen! And pics to prove it!

Twelve will be known as the year of change for Mitchell. Here's the proof:

All these pictures were taken within the last year!

His hair grew as fast as he did, and he is now taller than both Robb and I - 5' 7.5" last time we checked. I'm guessing he's grown 6 inches this year, but the only documented growth is the inch marked on the door that he grew between May and June.

His voice has changed as much as his opinions on clothing. :)  He knows what he likes and he doesn't care much what his friends think of it. Criticism for wearing a beanie in the summer plus fingerless gloves doesn't phase him.

Sometimes I hear his voice somewhere in the house and think Robb is home from work early.

After a childhood of eating like a bird, his teenage metabolism has shown up. I am beginning to believe the stories of teen boys' appetites!

His hat is a must for "bad hair days" but those may be dwindling since I showed him how to straighten his surprisingly curly hair. Ha!

He now sits at the grown up table and joins the conversation there.

He's grown thoughtful....and now prefers things around here cleaned up. His room is cleaner than I ever remember it!

He wants his own phone... But he's not getting one!

His interest in music and guitar accelerated as he started electric guitar lessons this spring, and and he now wants a drum set, a keyboard, an acoustic guitar, and the technology to write his own music.

His curiosity about graphics, gaming and video creation continues.

I am enjoying who Mitchell is becoming. Though he is, rightfully,  growing more independent, he listens and responds respectfully. A more grown up kid showed up this year, and I'm excited to see what the next year brings!

Happy 13th Birthday, Mitchell!

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