Friday, December 14, 2012

My Pinterest: {6}

Hey there,

It's been a while since I've done a Pinterest review, and I'd love to give you all the reasons why it's taken so long to share another Friday with you, but I have approximately 23 minutes until a little napping munchkin wakes up from her nap, so I'll make this quick! (I hope!)

I LOVE these tags and as luck would have it, I had all the supplies and quick whipped one up today! If you don't have an old hymnal laying around, here are some vintage music sheets to print up!

I made a couple lit glass blocks years ago, but I've tired of them and considered not even setting them out this year, but then I saw this. I think I may redo the bows, and use them under the tree this year! 

When I'm don't have an extra child in my home, I've been busy with {So}Sartina orders, some, etsy customers, and some, my friends. These flax-filled shoulder hot/cold packs have been popular with my friends:

I found a tutorial for you if you want to make one for yourself! If you can't find flax or consider it too spendy, rice works well too, and both are much nicer than corn-filled.

As Christmas items slowly made their way to their places around my house, I was once again at a loss for where to hang our stockings. We have no fireplace. Sad, I know. But then an idea popped into my head. What about a faux fireplace? Maybe like this one?

It may just be a nice dream, but that is what Pinterest is for, right?

Baby is up, so I'm signing off....

Robb got in some snuggles this morning before leaving for work. :)

Happy dreaming and pinning!

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