Thursday, February 20, 2014

What to make as party favors when your daughter plans her own birthday party

How my daughter is turning 13 tomorrow escapes me. I mean, I know the logistics of how these things happen and time passes, but as of tomorrow I will have two teenagers living under my roof, and that just sorta startles me. I feel 25 at most. But Mitchell was two when I was 25, so I'm quite obviously not that young anymore.

But here they are, tall and lanky, with appetites to match, knowing more than they do, and they live here with me and they are mine.

She has lists and made invites and texted me all the info and all I really have to do is go to the store and buy it all. She's got plans that way. She out-plans me. Every day.

There's a lot of pressure in all that planning. So I do what I do best with pressure. I make stuff. It's therapy for me, and when so much is never done and the parenting job is forever, I sit in the quiet of the day and finish something.

I finish 13 leather bracelets (Instructions here) that I hope the whole passel of 7th graders will like, but you never know, she says, and that's OK. You just never do know about that age. We will have something to give and that is good.

And the party will be awesome, because she is, and she planned it.  :)


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