Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY Canning Jar Chandelier

We are currently living in our third rental home, and for the first time ever, in a newer styled open layout. It's a super modest 5 bedroom split level, a layout which I used to disdain, but it has served us well so far, and I am slowly adding character to make it feel like MY home. 

Every house has it's quirks, and one of this home's was it's light fixtures. Now, I'm no electrician, and I don't want to lose my security deposit, so when I noticed all three kitchen/dining light fixtures were different finishes, I groaned and moaned and tried not to hate the person who committed such a crime against this house. 

I most certainly vowed not to look at them all at once. 

Eclectic may be currently in style, but this tragedy did not even begin to add character to our home... it only built character... in me!

This is a very poor picture of the dining fixture. As is my habit, I have no other "before" pictures. Remember, I tried NOT to look at them, and made every effort not to point a camera at them either! 

(Pardon the white spaces. The picture was edited for Instagram and I'm too busy worrying about lights to edit it.)

The other day, I must have been bored or broken my vow to myself and spent too much time staring at the mismatched lights, because my brain started racing for ideas. And then my fingers ran to Pinterest. And then I started removing glass shades.

My first fix was over the kitchen sink. I removed the shade, dumped out my catch-all basket all over the counter, cut a hole in the bottom of it with a wire cutter and replaced the shade with it.

I left the pile on the counter. I should really do something about that.

Don't tell anyone, but I also painted the gross cheap fake brass with... shhhh. Acrylic craft paint.

Please don't anyone call the paint police on me.

I enjoyed that change for a couple days before my eyes began to burn at the site of the dining chandy.

I quick searched Pinterest again to verify that it was possible to make an existing chandelier look OK with canning jars and off I went to dig in the recycling.

This was my quick, easy and nearly free solution (I did need to buy different light bulbs):

Remove glass shades and set aside the rings that held them in place. Cut out any old plastic from the recycle bin to fit into a canning ring. Place light fixture shade ring on plastic ring insert and trace around the inside.

Cut out the hole. It doesn't need to be pretty as it's not going to show. Promise.

Place shade ring on top and screw onto fixture.

The order of assembly is as follows:
Fixture: Canning ring: Plastic ring: ceramic ring.
Screw a all the above together until tight and then add a chandelier light bulb and finally the jar.

All done!

Now our lighting has character - the kind I like! I've stashed the old glass shades away, and when we move, I can easily replace them and no one will ever know! Please don't ask me any pesky questions about watts and heat and such.

All I know is my eyes are happy and my home is too.


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